The Trump administration "has absolutely no clue" what families go through, one mother said.

The tweet comes after the New York Times reported that McGahn is trying to protect himself as the wide-ranging probe advances.

President Donald Trump on Saturday took to Twitter to allege social media companies are discriminating against prominent conservatives, saying “we won’t let that happen.”

Harry Roque used to be a human rights lawyer. Now he speaks for a president who attacks the free press and is leading a brutal extrajudicial drug war.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jeff Greene has a history of court tangles.

The president called Brennan a “political hack” on Twitter, part of an escalating public feud after Brennan spoke out about Trump’s decision to revoke his security clearance.

Electric scooters have grown in popularity due to the ease of renting them, but a local task force plans to study their dangers after reports of injuries.

Police in Sacramento, California, have released video capturing the moment a police vehicle struck a teenager, an incident that sparked community outcry. It’s unclear whether it was intentional. Officials were chasing the teen for not having a front-facing li…

Red tide is a form of toxic algae found in ocean waters, and this year’s outbreak is the worst in more than a decade. It’s proved deadly for fish, dolphins and other wildlife, and can cause serious health consequences in humans.

Raquel traveled from El Salvador seeking asylum with her two sons, who remain apart from her in federal custody. She’s one of hundreds of parents separated from their children, three weeks after a court-mandated reunification deadline set for the Trump admini…

16-year-old Jordan Holgerson is still recovering from serious injuries after she was pushed off a bridge in Washington state. Holgerson tells NBC News that she wants her former friend, who was charged with reckless endangerment, to be behind bars so she can “…

Salih Khater, 29, a Sudanese-born U.K. national, is charged with attempted murder in the car-ramming incident in which three people were injured in Westminster.

Hyer is the second employee to plead guilty in cases in which the site has been accused of ignoring warnings to stop running prostitution ads.

Ellison has denied the allegation from his ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan that he once dragged her off a bed by her feet while screaming obscenities.

And it's not just weddings — any big event (think: a vacation, big holiday or even a blissful long weekend) can trigger a major case of the blues.

Why are so many experienced doctors leaving the field — and why are more medical students choosing not to follow a career in medicine after they graduate?

A judge in San Diego called on the government and ACLU to come up with a plan to address the rights of parents and children separated at the border who are seeking asylum.

"The officer was traveling at an unsafe speed for the attempted turn," a police detective said of an incident where an officer struck a person last month.

Some educators link the declining interest to recent studies on the negative health impacts of high-impact sports, or shifting to play sports like soccer or outdoor track and field.

At Banner Desert Medical Center, the joke is there must be something in the water, as 16 of the hospital’s intensive care nurses are pregnant, all due between September and February.

There’s a thriving community of surfers in Missoula, Montana — hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean. They take to the state’s rushing rivers to catch some waves.

A strong earthquake jolted the Indonesian island of Lombok on Sunday as it tries to recover from another quake earlier this month that killed 460 people.

With Russia and Iran's backing, Assad has won back much of Syria. Humanitarian groups fear a 'bloodbath' as he looks to press the advantage and wipe out the last pockets of resistance.

ICE arrests a murder suspect as he was taking his pregnant wife to a Southern California hospital. The agency says Joel Arrona-Lara was wanted in Mexico.

White House Counsel Don McGahn has given some 30 hours of interviews with Robert Mueller's team over the past nine months, the New York Times reported.

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